The element air and Anahata chakra
Por: Dakini

Since last summer I am working in the center of Awankay with Hermine realizing beautiful retreats. Hermine is giving her part with the medicine wheel and I am giving my part with Vinyasa and Yin Yoga.

The experience is overwhelming and we enjoy it a lot.

It is a little miracle that we prepare individually and then at the hour of the retreat everything fits perfectly together: The elements and chakras combining with Yoga in the medicine wheel.

This spring our topic will be air. Air is connected to the heart chakra, to Anahata, to love, compassion and joy. Anahata chakra is associated with the color green which represents transformation and love energy. When it is balanced, we feel compassion, self acceptance and good relationships.

In its imbalanced state we feel codependency, we feel possessive and jealous or we are shy, lonely, isolated, having a lack of empathy and being bitter and critical.
To open up in our heart chakra and to balance it we will do heart opening yoga poses and affirmations all around the element air, the color green and our heart chakra.

9 All information and reservations of the retreat: [here]

I really look forward to this beautiful retreat where we dedicate us and open up fully to the element of air and then in a yoga term to our anahata chakra to open up internally and externally.

Lots of love,


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