The Chakras and the Elements
By: Dakini

The first five chakras are directly connected to the five elements of nature.

It is very interesting and revealing to know that the three lower chakras are known as the «mortal chakras of the earth» and that, right in the middle, we find the fourth chakra «Anahata» the Heart Chakra.Thisbridges the heavenly chakras (thethree above) with the three below «the mortal chakras.» Anahata connects these «two worlds» of earth and sky.

At the bottom is the earth, the Root Chakra «Muladhara» represented by the color red. It gives us security, connection with the earth, shelter and security for our own well-being.

A little higher, below the navel, we find «Svadhistana» the Sacral Chakra, the water element and the colour orange. Here our sensuality, intimacy and creativity is rooted. It is a place to create and to be creative.

We continue with «Manipura», the Solar Plexus Chakra that is linked to fire and the colour yellow. It is from where we empower ourselves, we connect with the outside world and with our strength.

Then there is «Anahata», the Heart Chakra that has a green colour and, as I mentioned before, is the bridge between two worlds. Here lies love, compassion, unconditional love, self-love, etc.

The fifth element would be ether,that belongs to the fifth chakra «Vishuddha», the Throat Chakra. Ether can also be translated as space, universe. It is represented by the colour blue and is for open communication, listening and connection.

Personally, I have been experimenting a lot with this chakra on all levels. What is ether? In the body, in Asanas … through breathing or relaxation there is a little more space on a physical level where you can relax and where you can stretch.At the same time on a mental level where we have our limits and we are able to express them -always connecting with the other chakras with compassion, grounding ourselves and empowering ourselves.

This is the experience that Yoga provides me, I open myself to space, to ether, to this fifth element, learning and teaching myself to set my limits with love and expressing my own truth without hurting others.

Something very heartfelt, intimate and beautiful that I hope you can experience in the «Retreat of The Sacred Circle» that Hermine and I will do in July. During these days, we are going to work and open the four directions of the sky that are connected and united to the elements….


© 2021 Dakini Yoga | Designed by: Masala Solutions

© 2021 Dakini Yoga
Designed by: Masala Solutions