Yoga in Nature

Come and practice in a peaceful place, and let yourself be inspired by the natural environment, surrounded by sounds and the breeze of the Sierra de Jaén.

– Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self –

– Bhagavad Gita –

About me

Laura Jo Schumacher | Dakini

I trained as a Yoga teacher in Texas (USA) and, currently, I am continuing my studies, delving into the powerful world of Yoga, which allows me to be more myself and feel fuller and more complete.

I have learned that the practice of Yoga prepares your body to guide you to the path of light and I would love to share and teach you all the benefits that I am living and experiencing.


Yoga in Nature



Dynamic yoga in which the movements of our body are coordinated with the breath.



Passive Yoga style, in which the postures are held longer and in a relaxed manner.



Concentration practices, to help reduce stress levels and modify emotions.


My next proposals


July 24 ~ 30

Ashtanga Retreat with Ross Stambaugh, in Andalusia, Spain



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How does Yoga help you?

Physical Harmony

Increases body strength, endurance and flexibility.

Present moment

Promotes attention and stimulates concentration.

Full breathing

Regulates both the respiratory rate and the flow of energy.

Body posture

With its continuous practice it makes our bones and muscles stronger.

Integral Health

Strengthens the immune system, helps digestion and promotes better sleep

Quiet the mind

Balances the nervous system, reduces stress and prevents anxiety.


My students say

My feelings in the classes with Dakini are an approach towards my deep being, a flow towards what happens to me in the present moment. All accompanied with special care and affection. A door that opens to LOVE. Pure medicine.



Thank you for the fluid and dynamic session in a spectacular setting.


The classes that I experienced with Dakini have been like a spiritual journey of my own being, from the highest to the deepest of Savasana. It was like a deep relaxation, grounding myself with my soul and finally like a way home.

Costume designer

I love doing Yoga with Laura. Each class is special and I always feel centered and good in my body when I finish it. She has wonderful intuition making each class different and adjusted to the moment. I recommend it 100%.

Isa H.
Event organizer


Cool! I really liked your class. How sporty you are! I would be very excited to continue going to your yoga classes. Thanks Dakini..

10 years


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