Commitment and habit of practice
By: Dakini

I am realizing that I can be very happy with myself and with my practice. It is not so easy to commit every day to do at least one physical practice of one hour. The interesting thing is that the body gets used to this practice and asks for it. The body also takes three months to create a new habit.

“Freedom with real discipline is real freedom.”
B.K.S. Iyengar

In these first three months it may be difficult to set an hour a day to practice. You have to work hard for this. Every day. Every day is a commitment. But it is worth it.

At the moment when the body asks for it and cannot be without practicing, that is when life gives you a gift. The practice has become a habit, and the habit has become a commitment. Commitment is not easy but it is a gift for you, for your body, for your mind and for your soul.

When you reach this point of having created a commitment out of habit, your whole being is preparing you for the path of yoga.

And the body prepares to cleanse the nadis, where the vital energy, the prana, flows. Clearing the channels to get to the true self, the divine self.

Because we are truly divine beings in a human experience. Do you want to be happy and create a habit in a commitment for your life and for your body, mind and soul?

Join up and revitalize yourself.



© 2021 Dakini Yoga | Designed by: Masala Solutions

© 2021 Dakini Yoga
Designed by: Masala Solutions